The why’s of gender neutrality and gender freedom

I read in the news about the controversy caused by the initiative of neutral uniforms in schools that was implemented by the local government in Mexico City, that allowed boys to wear skirts and girls to wear trousers freely, to promote gender equality. Parents were asking the government to revert it, because it supposed a “danger” to their children’s education, it was completely unnecessary, and boys should not wear skirts because, dude, they’re boys! After that, the initiative was reverted, only allowing girls to wear trousers.

Then, I started to think: what’s the real matter with boys wearing skirts? It’s just a fucking simple piece of fabric, it doesn’t gotta do with men’s anatomy or anything else, so I started searching arguments from opponents, collected them all and refuted them into a single document, which I sent to the organisations that were against neutral uniforms and the teaching of gender ideology, and still nobody has replied my mails, because they’re conservative adults that won’t change their mindset towards gender freedom and gender neutrality, not even for their children’s sake, because according to them, it damages their kids’ brains and destroys them completely.

1. Sex is not the same as gender

Sex is biological, gender is defined by society. Masculinity or femininity don’t have anything to do with your sex, your parens are the ones who tell you what to wear, how to behave and which roles and patterns you should follow depending on whether you’re a boy or a girl. Sigmund Freud believed that behaviour and personality were related with sex, but that would be eventually debunked later with more advanced knowledge of human nature. Another important thing is that sex doesn’t vary between different societies, while in other hand, gender varies a lot, depending on the culture.

It’s important for you to know that nobody (including you) should be forced to follow all those unnecessary gender patterns, not even parents should force their children, they should let them decide by themselves instead. Hey, son, do you want to do laundry? Perfect! Would you like to wear skirts? Totally okay. Do you prefer being effeminate? No problem, why do I even ask? Also, do you like that pink pencil bag with flowers? Put it into the cart! I just want you to be happy your way, like any good father should.

2. Clothing has no sex or gender

Clothing and roles have been used along the history to denote our differences and make discrimination and segregation easier, but now that we’re a “free” society, discrimination and segregation are not needed anymore, right?

A young, unbreeched Roosevelt in 1884, 2 years old. Source: Wikipedia.

Now, the only remaining factor with respect of clothing is anatomy: what makes skirts and dresses only suitable for women? Ancient civilisations, Roman warriors, Scottish, all of them used to wear (or still use to) skirts and dresses, so, why didn’t they complain about them only being for boys? I agree that many women clothing is designed specifically for their body, however, they’re not harmful or dangerous for men, so, even if anatomy is important, wearing something that is not designed for you is not necessarily bad for yourself or others.

A group of upper-class Albanians. Source: Wikipedia.

3. Colours have no sex or gender

Source: Pexels.

Pink for girls? Blue for boys? Colours are genderless, so why making fun of that boy with a pink pencil bag? Because marketing told us to do so. Colours were not artificially gendered until early 20th century, before then, all babies wore white dresses (yes, even boys) until they were 6 or 7, because people wanted to keep them neutral, no need to tell everyone your child’s sex: until historical events made people want to do so, and baby clothing companies took approach of the situation. Baby clothing started to have gender-specific pastel colours, and one person suggested that pink should be for boys (because it was stronger) and blue for girls (because it was prettier). In 1940s, manufacturers decided that blue would be for boys and pink for girls. Then, women’s liberation movement made clothing neutral again, but colour gendering returned to stay after all.

Again, what does a simple colour gotta do with sex or gender? Nothing, again. Now, you know why you shouldn’t make fun of that poor boy, since he just chose a colour within the 620-750nm range in the light spectrum, nothing really special, just visible light.

4. Kids should have freedom to play

Darlin, let’s buy a pink toy kitchen to our daughter to get her into cooking from childhood! She will cook for her husband when she gets married. Let’s also buy her a toy baby, she has to get used to maternal responsibilities. Darlin, that beautiful make-up set will teach her to be beautiful and attractive for men. We won’t buy her Lego bricks or something that makes her creative, because she will cook, clean, sweep and mop for her husband anyway.

Damn, we had a boy, he will be named Joe, but we will have to buy more toys and clothes instead of recycling Jane’s baby stuff, because he’s a man, and he will play with toys for men and wear blue. He will be more creative if we buy him Legos, toy cars are more masculine and will probably get him into driving later, puzzles will improve his mental skills: he will be a great lawyer or scientist, we don’t need to teach him laundry because his wife will do it anyway.

Hey, fucking Joe! Are you playing with Barbies? Don’t be a stupid girl and go play with your Super Burning Masculine Men Strong Brave Wheels cars. If you play with Barbies again, you’ll be punished without playing for a long time. You have to play with the toys I want you to play with, because you must be a man [he’s a man anyway], otherwise, we will keep hurting you emotionally and causing you psychological traumas, we won’t give you the respect that only real men deserve and we will treat you like garbage for your entire life. You won’t ever do any house labours, that’s something that only women (like me) must do, not men.

5. Gender neutrality means equality

From the same toys and roles to the same job opportunities and rights, the base of gender neutrality is equality and freedom. Let’s create a world in which everyone is happy and treated the same. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, queers, christians, muslims, jews, whites, coloured, blacks, children, adults: we are all humans, we all bleed the same colour, and we should be treated equally. If you support gender neutrality and teach your children with liberal principles, you’re contributing in the creation of a better future for humanity. Stop teaching machismo and homophobia to your kids, and they will live in a better world.

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