The best simple and modern Google fonts

Typography is one of the most beautiful things: it gives character to your text. Google Fonts offers multiple fonts that you can use freely in your logos, websites and mobile apps, because most of them are licensed under free licences, such as SIL OFL or Apache 2.0. I created a simple tool that you can use to visualise Google fonts, experiment with them and decide which one works better for you, it’s called Typotest, and it’s completely free, licensed under the GPLv3 licence.


Its readability, minimalism and consistent letterforms are the things that make Barlow great for both text and titles, it’s one of the best Google Fonts to try if you want something simple and beautiful.

DM Sans

This is a modified version of Poppins, although it looks more normal and simpler, which is great. It’s very suitable for text and titles and looks beautiful and modern: much better than many popular geometric typefaces.

IBM Plex Sans

Created by IBM, it resembles their original logo. It’s pretty minimalist and beautiful for text and titles, very readable, elegant and consistent. Inspired by grotesque typefaces like Franklin Gothic and currently in use by Reddit, because it’s awesome!

IBM Plex Serif

Also created by IBM, gives a modern look to your texts, while keeping them readable and clean. It’s a combination of modern and transitional typefaces, inspired by Janson and Berthold Bodoni Pro typefaces. It’s one of the best free serif typefaces.


Probably one of the best free alternatives to Gotham available, with nice letterforms. However, it’s not suitable for everything and only looks good in some cases, but, hey, why not including it into this list? It’s great as long as you know how to use it properly.

Open Sans

Friendly, beautiful, simple, has a lot of readability and it’s suitable for pretty much anything, for both text and titles. Yeah, it’s the second most popular in Google Fonts and it’s used everywhere around the internet. Open Sans is very neutral, so you can also use it for serious stuff.


Well, I have to say that Poppins is my least favourite typeface in this list: it looks very round and weird, and I find it better for titles, although you can use it for text and it will look pretty decent. Just use it wisely and it’s excellent.

Red Hat Display

Definitely one of the best geometric typefaces in the world! It was very recently added to Google Fonts, and it’s one of my favourite ones in general. The display version is only suitable for titles, and it has a lot of contrast, which makes it perfect for logos and promotional text.

Red Hat Text

And this is the text version, which I find nice for titles and text. It’s minimalist, readable, modern and geometric: a lot of nice characteristics into a single font. It’s elegant and consistent, with low contrast in small point sizes. It’s the coolest text font!


This is the most popular font in Google Fonts, it was designed by Google and is being used in many of their services and software, such as Android, YouTube, Translate, and more. It’s readable, minimalist and simple. It looks kinda condensed and it’s suitable for everything. It’s modern and cool.

Zilla Slab

Certainly the most modern and elegant slab typeface, even better than Roboto Slab and designed by Mozilla based on their logo. It works well with text and titles. It’s the only slab font I like, honestly.

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